Why Arrows?

Why Arrows?

This has been a long time Dream of mine, I think it all started when I first came across Mod Cloth's website. It was probably ten years ago when I ordered something from their website and waited anxiously for the package to arrive. Once the package arrived, I remember that their box was not a plain box, it had mushrooms printed on it. I was already happy just with that, and as I started to open it, I saw they sent me cute hair clips as a gift, and of course the clothes I had ordered.

Back then Mod Cloth was solely online, and I was fascinated with the founder's story and how she started it. I remember saying to my husband maybe one day I will start my own online store as well.

Life happens and life continued, but little by little God was guiding me into fulfilling the wonderful plan he had for me. That plan has led me here to Arrows and to finally make what I once just dreamt about a reality.

The name Arrows is a representation of my daughters, and of how God has given us our kids to be shot as arrows into the world, so that they can reach their purpose in life. Arrows are also weapons and are symbols used to guide. 

I don't know exactly where this will go, but I do know that there is a purpose for this and for my life. 


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